Wendy Appelbaum

Having previously enjoyed a high flying career in the business world, Wendy now finds herself living on top of a mountain in Stellenbosch. Wendy was a director of Liberty Investors Limited, the previously listed holding company of the Liberty Group. In an earlier life she was the Deputy Chairman of Women's Investment Portfolio Limited (Wiphold), the first women's controlled company to list on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange with then assets in excess of R1 billion. She also was deputy chairman of the Connection Group Limited, a major listed information technology and retailing company.

Wendy still does a lot more than watch the grapes grow. Businesswise, she remains a trustee of The Tribune Trust, an investment holding trust and a director of Sphere Holdings Limited, a black empowerment company.

Her philanthropic involvement includes her being a director of the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre, a post-graduate teaching hospital wholly owned by the University of the Witwatersrand's Faculty of Health Sciences. She is a trustee of The Donald Gordon Foundation, one of the largest private charitable foundations in Southern Africa, of CHOC (Children's Haemophilia & Oncology Clinic) and of the Helen Suzman Foundation. Wendy is also a member of the Global Philanthropists' Circle (GPC) and a director of the Southern African board of the Synergos Institute.

She is a member of Harvard University's Women's Leadership Board and of the International Women's Forum (IWF).

Wendy breeds racehorses in partnership with a friend and belongs to the National Federation of Owners & Trainers, The Jockey Club of South Africa and The Racing Association of South Africa.